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30 fans

2017-07-21 15:37:06 by Aleksey33lol

Thank you for 30 fans!


2017-07-16 13:22:41 by Aleksey33lol

So, in the last post i explained that i've lost motivation into animating, but i think i got it back or got better...Origninal idea by @SentryTurbo. Also i've also made some sprites recentley 6298961_150022548461_Sproits.pngOriginal idea by @DaKedar and @Dudingdarn. They are not done yet so i will maybe continue with them. And about the Ryder revenge clip. Well...I've thought about making a CO-OP clip with @0Rockluki0 or making my own clip. That's all i wanted to say.


I've lost motivation...

2017-07-13 15:49:52 by Aleksey33lol

I used to animate walking cycle really good, but now i've lost a lot of motivation and the walking cycle just looks terrible. And the reason is because i'm lazy and when i get that felling i just want to give up on madness animations. 


2017-07-13 11:25:32 by Aleksey33lol

I need help with this VCAM problem. Well everytime i use tween for vcam i always get this problem. 6298961_149995941671_HElp.pngTranslation:
"Warning: The filter is not displayed. The filtered dimensions for DIsplayobject (331492, 329892) are big for drawing".
This is a big problem for me cuz right now i'm working on a clip for @Djjaner's Ryder revenge collab. And @Djjaner, if you read this. I know that you use CS5. So if you have had this problem and solved it, just tell me how so i can finish the collab clip.


2017-07-10 06:40:30 by Aleksey33lol

I'm in 4 collabs now. From earliest to latest

1. Mjorik's Randomes 2 collab. Deadline 8 august.

2. Sapky Rides's Reversion 2 collab. Deadline MD17.

3. Grumpy666's Target collab. Deadline MD17

4. (Big collab) Djjaner's Ryder revenge collab. Deadline MD17.

So, i've already finished my parts for Reversion 2 collab and they are not good cuz i was shit back then but whatever. And i will send some more clips to mjorik for the collab so i'm almost done with them. And i've started making a clip for the Target colllab. And for the Ryder revenge collab, well. I've made my own background for it but i don't have ideas for the clip. So it will take me a bit time. That is all i wanted to say.


New test

2017-07-09 11:57:41 by Aleksey33lol
Updated Sprites by @DaskerKS


2017-07-08 17:01:48 by Aleksey33lol

It is out

A new good animator!

2017-07-08 05:50:21 by Aleksey33lol

A new and a great animator, @Cyleeh go ahead and follow here. NOW!


My toughts about this drama.

2017-07-03 15:29:17 by Aleksey33lol

I't it is gay...6298961_149911067931_GAYEVOLVE.jpg Not gonna lie but this shit is so fucking funny XD. Credits to @SentryTurbo for the pic. 


2017-07-01 15:34:03 by Aleksey33lol

Well i was bored so i wanted to make a new post, So what are you guys doing in summer? Btw i made a meme  6298961_149893763951_unknown.png